It is determined by on how we happened to be raised and I’m sure we all posses our supposed ‘best occupation’ and even though few just enjoy the kind of cozy and glamorous office roles perched behind the desk, this is certainly entirely not my type. I used to picture that corporation was the one and only way that everyone has to take. At one juncture, I was genuinely into thinking that many of those going around in their formal office attires & suits were amazing. After the university, I was pumped up about building my own management and business career.


My perceptions are not quite identical, or somewhat are absolutely the reverse just two years later. What I at one point of time thought to be cool and gorgeous proved to be awful. No, I am not failing. I actually got myself into one of the most celebrated firms globally and that is true, I can convey you. However during the 2 years that I was there, I was far from joyful and I can not disregard how I will constantly look for the watch to strike past 6 so that I could dash home and that was when I told myself that I simply had to move on.

I beg to differ if you say that I acted based on pulsation as I were left with the move only as a result of cautious weighing and observation of my peers. Contrary to popular belief, more than half of whom I talked to were in the similar conditions or more terrible than me. I can surely convey to you that financial is not the factor here. Certainly, we were handsomely paid in our jobs and we did discern how well-off we were when many people in the country are still fighting to find jobs.


If I was looking for a secure job, I would stick on with my job. You may call me immature however it without a doubt was the office infighting that pushed me to my move. I just cannot be not who I am. I come to grasp that in the arena of professional, it is not the best proposition that wins, but unfortunately it is office politics that prevail. I tried to imagine my days suppose I need to go through such process for twenty or 30 years. I only have one life and I will want to cherish it. After periods of cunctation, I decided to cease delaying and never to look backward anymore.

While not everyone had been privileged enough to do it, I was able to build up meaningful savings from my 2 years of professional pursuit and that allowed me to pursue my obsession in life. I am at this point savoring myself 100 PERCENT of the time and as opposed to previously when I had to dread wishing for the clock to touch 6, time flies nowadays.

I am authoring this weblog out of interest and I just would like to see how good I am into this entire blogging thing. I treat it as my personal diary, but a digital one. I’d be happy if you inform me that you really like my blog site. But if not, I still need to say thank you for stopping by.